What I’ve Been Up To

So in the last couple of days, I was babysitting some kids for a family friend while she went to work during the day and let me just say, the mom of these kids is like craaazy organized. I wish I was this organized because sadly, I am not. She planned something for us to do for every single day. A lot of the stuff I haven’t been able to do since moving to Florida a year ago, and a lot of it was actually stuff that I wanted to do. We went to the aquarium in town (I’ve only been to the Tampa aquarium), went to a little mini zoo called Big Cat Habitat, went to Sky Zone (a trampoline park), went fishing, did an escape room (my first one and I cracked the final code!), saw Jurassic World (even though I hate the Jurassic park movies), went to a classic car museum…yeah. A lot of fun stuff for every single day and by the end of the day, I also had my normal every day job to do, I was a tired puppy. I think there have been a few nights where I have actually gone to bed earlier than normal, which actually surprised me.


Mote Marine

On day one we went to the Mote Marine Aquarium. It was right after shark week, and one of the kids was still on a buzz about sharks, so we ended up watching the shark show. Which ended up to be a little disappointing because while we could see the employees feed the sharks, we couldn’t hear anything they were saying because they had some technical difficulties, so they had to yell, and we couldn’t hear anything they were saying. I know stuff like that does happen, but for something like this, checking the mic and speakers is something that should be done before the show even starts.

Something I thought that was just adorable was seeing the little baby turtles. They are soo cuuute!


Vintage Car Museum

I’m not really into cars as much as the next person is, but one of the kids likes the old vintage/classic cars so we went to a museum. Its the original building from when it was built over 70 years ago, and its either the second largest museum in the state or in the country. I forget which the lady who worked there said.

If you look closely, in one of the pictures, its an exact replica of the carriage that would have carried Abraham Lincoln’s body during the funeral. The lady was saying if you watch any of the history discovery channels or anything, every now and then they will do a documentary on the guy who actually built this replica.



Escape Room: 26 Seconds

So yep, it happened. I did my first actual escape room. I say actual, because in my senior year of high school, for one class we had to get a group and come up with our own escape room and the entire class had to do it. It was for extra credit, it was kind of fun, but this was my first actual time in one. There was quite a bit of arguing, and we had to use our hints, and for the final code we had to do some math and I am probably the worst person ever to do any form of math, but I ended up solving the equation with 26 seconds to spare. By the end of it, my brain hurt.




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